This day that age - October 15, 1963

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(dated October 15, 1963)
(dated October 15, 1963)

Divert arms funds

India warned in the United Nations on October 14 that the scarcest of resources of the development decade was time and unless with an overpowering sense of urgency the awakening of the millions in the depressed areas of the world was harnessed to expanding paths of peace and progress, the whole fabric of civilisation could be overturned.

Speaking in the second (Economic and Financial) Committee, Mr. Asoka Mehta, India’s delegate, said “the choice before us is clear and insistent: either dynamise our economies or get dynamited”.

Mr. Mehta said just as decolonisation had unfolded into development, détente should lead to higher and fuller life and they should be able to think of diverting the current annual $120 billion spent on armaments into channels of peace.

He said the change in the political climate resulting in East-West conflicts should not be allowed to be converted into polarisation and conflict between the affluent north and the poverty-ridden south.

No deviation from plan

The Planning Commission is sending a circular to all the States urging them not to depart from the priorities in the annual plans on any account.

It has been noticed that in some States, especially since the beginning of the Third Plan there has been a tendency to divert funds from the schemes in the annual plans. This diversion has often caused a setback in several fields particularly agriculture and co-operation.

Kamaraj Plan’s progress

A resolution urging the All-India Congress Committee to “review the progress of the Kamaraj Plan in its various aspects and phases” has been jointly tabled by 12 members of the AICC session at Jaipur on November 3 and 4.

Most of the signatories to the resolution are connected with the Congress Socialist Forum popularly known as the Ginger Group. Another resolution, also jointly sponsored by the same members, urge the Congress President to appoint a standing committee to study the progress of the five-year plans.



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