This day that age (dated October 2, 1963)

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(dated October 2, 1963)
(dated October 2, 1963)

Party work for Kamaraj

Mr. K. Kamaraj, who will relinquish the Chief Ministership [of Madras State] on October 2, has in view a programme of making an intensive tour of the State from district to block levels to organise Congress work. His plan, he said in a talk with Pressmen on October 1, would take concrete shape some time later in the light of the experience gained in the initial stages of the tour. The new executive of the Tamil Nad Congress Committee, the constitution of which will be announced soon by Mr. R. Krishnaswami Naidu, President, is scheduled to meet on October 6. At that meeting, Mr. Kamaraj proposes to unfold his plan and discuss it with his colleagues.

India-China situation

Pakistan President Ayub Khan, in a nation-wide broadcast last night [October 1], ruled out the possibilities of any major war between India and China and said: “India sooner or later will come to terms with China. She has kept the Colombo proposals on the peg.” President Ayub said, “Those who are striving to build up India against Communist China are going to be disappointed and disillusioned. If they wish to take advantage of anti-China feeling in India to align her to the West or at least range her against Communist China they are sadly mistaken. China and India are the giants of Asia. They know they will destroy each other if there is a major war. Even a cold war between these giants is harmful to their interest.” President Ayub declared.

Nuclear-powered satellite

The United States’ first nuclear-powered space satellite is in orbit and has begun sending radio signals back to earth, the Atomic Energy Commission announced in Los Angeles (California) on September 30. The vehicle was launched secretly on Saturday. Air Force Commander Robert I Carpenter, the engineer-in-charge of the project, told a Press conference that the satellite was driven entirely by a SNP-9A generator (“systems for nuclear auxiliary power”) that weighed 12 kg and was 25 cm long and 50 cm in diameter. He said the generator was expected to be operative for five years. The satellite could stay in orbit at least for 900 years.



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