This day that age (dated October 11, 1962)

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(dated October 11, 1962)
(dated October 11, 1962)

Clash with China

A New China News Agency report alleged that Indian troops on October 10 attacked Chinese frontier guards in Southern Tibet and inflicted eleven casualties. The news agency said that the Chinese frontier guards near Chihtung were compelled to hit back and the battle was still continuing. The agency said the “aggressive” Indian troops are “illegally intruding” into the Chedong area north of the “so-called McMahon Line” in the eastern sector of the Sino-Indian border and “have recklessly crossed the Kechilang river after more than a week’s preparation.” It said the Indians had set up posts near Chihtung, north-east of the river Kechilang. The Peking People’s Daily alleged that India was now massing its troops to prepare for large-scale attacks.

National income

The country’s national income in real terms recorded a rise of 2.2 per cent in 1961-62, according to the ‘quick’ estimates prepared by the Central Statistical Organisation, the Cabinet Secretariat announced in New Delhi on October 10. These estimates are based on the trend disclosed by the current available data. There was a slight fall of 0.3 per cent in the net contribution from agriculture during the year 1961-62 over the previous year, which was more than offset by an increase in other sectors, which, taken together, recorded a rise of 3.8 per cent in 1961-62 over 1960-61. Based on partial data only, these estimates are provisional and are likely to undergo revisions in the annual paper on national income to be released early next year. This comparatively small increase is largely due to the following reasons: (A) the food grains output in 1961-62 which was earlier anticipated at a little over 80 million tons is now estimated at about 78.6 million tons, and (B) the increase under mining and factory establishments last year was somewhat smaller than was anticipated earlier.

Aniseed flavoured stamps

The French are to have aniseed flavoured postage stamps, the Posts Ministry have announced. Stamp-lickers complained recently that the gum on the back of French stamps tasted so horrible that it could spoil a lunch.



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