Scientific farming

Concerted action to tone up agricultural extension work has been proposed by the Union Government in a bid to increase farm output. A five-point programme has been drawn up which has, as its keynote, the training of extension workers in such a way that they would be able to effectively convince the farmer on the need to take to scientific farming. Experience during the past few years is reported to have revealed that graduates, in agriculture and veterinary science, though proficient in their subject, are unable to communicate their knowledge to the farmers in an acceptable form. To make them get over this handicap, actual extension work will be taught to them and for this purpose separate wings are proposed in 23 agricultural colleges and 12 veterinary colleges.

French system for yarn

The textile industry in India is to adopt the French count system to express the fineness of cotton yarn from April 1, according to a decision taken at a recent conference of representatives of Government, the yarn trade and research institutions. The French count system, like the English count system now in use, is an indirect one which expresses the number of hanks in unit weight of yarn. In the French system, the count is represented by the number of hanks (each 1,000 metres in length) in half a kilogram of yarn. Yarn which is hundred counts fine in the present system, for instance, will be 85 counts in the French count system. From October 1, the industry will manufacture yarn in hanks of 1,000 metres and in hundreds of 2.5 kg or 5 kg.

Rescued, finally

A pilot and a young woman, whose plane crashed in the frozen Canadian wilderness seven weeks ago, were rescued after living for more than a month without food. The California pilot, Robert Flores, and his passenger, Miss Helen Klaben (21), melted snow for drinking water after they had eaten their only food supplies — two tins of fruit and two tins of sardines. Miss Klaben had gangrene in a broken right foot.They had not been heard from since they took off on February 4 on a flight from the Yukon to British Columbia.