Bhutto sees crisis

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Z.A. Bhutto, on July 24, reiterated that in the event of an Indian attack on Pakistan “we have an assurance from our friends that they will come to our help.” Mr. Bhutto, who was winding up the two-day debate on his country’s foreign policy, also said “We have also assurances from other countries that aggression against Pakistan will be against them.” Mr. Bhutto did not name the “friend” nor the “other countries.” But it was presumed that the “friend” was China to whom he had referred as the “largest State in Asia” in his speech opening the debate some days ago. Engineering graduates

The employment of engineering graduates has not proved to be a problem so far in Kerala. They have, by and large, been absorbed in one or another of the several agencies in the public services and the private sector. Perhaps the biggest employer is the State Electricity Board, which is recruiting this year 45 electrical and 100 civil engineering graduates. Next to the P.W.D., the Board attracts a large number of applicants. Even so, the number of applicants for posts of electrical engineers is just about equal to the number of vacancies. For the civil engineering posts, however, there were 165 applications for the 100 vacancies. The unsuccessful applicants are expected to be absorbed by the P.W.D., the Public Health Engineering Department and the engineering colleges.

Export of iron ore

According to an official estimate of the State Trading Corporation, export of iron ore from this country will be of the order of 10 million metric tons by the end of the Third Plan. Iron ore is wholly canalised through the State Trading Corporation. The export of iron ore has been on the increase in the past few years. The export in 1962 was about 31 lakh metric tons, valued at about Rs.16 crores. Various steps have been taken to improve the country’s capacity to export iron ore. Planning is adopted in the matter of movement of iron ore by rail, utilisation of road and canal movement to the maximum extent practicable, and opening of minor ports.