Medium-sized turbo jets

While considerable progress had been made in the Hindustan Aircraft Limited at Bangalore in establishing a national aircraft industry, another State enterprise would shortly be set up at Kanpur to manufacture under licence medium-sized turbo-prop transport aircraft. Mr. Satish Chandra, Chairman of the I.A.C., who announced this in Calcutta on July 22 on the occasion of the opening of the new buildings of the I.A.C., said that this would enable the people to fly on the regional routes in an efficient and comfortable indigenous aircraft. Mr. Jagjivan Ram, Union Minister for Transport and Communications, who formally declared open the buildings, announced that the Air Force would shortly move out of Palam airport in Delhi, so that it would be a completely civilian airport in future.

Income distribution

There is much disappointment in non-official circles at the persisting delay in preparing the report of the National Income Distribution Committee. The committee was appointed by the Government of India two years ago, with Prof. P.C. Mahalanobis as Chairman, to examine how the increase in India’s national income since the First Plan got distributed. The Committee’s meetings have been spasmodic. It has now not met for seven months.

Purposeful obstinacy

A batch of 30 students who had passed out of the V standard of a local primary school resorted to satyagraha to excellent purpose and succeeded in securing immediate sanction for the opening of the VI standard in their school. They went in procession to the house of Mr. R.P. Prabhu, the Vice-President of the District School Board, recently and squatted in front of the house and refused to budge until sanction for the VI standard for the school was secured. The students pleaded they had no alternative. Other schools would not admit them as classes were “full”. The other day, the Vice-President visited Karwar in person to keep his promise to the students and has brought the order of sanction with him for opening the VI standard in the school (the Third Number Primary School of Sirsi).