Apartheid in South Africa

A meeting of the U.N. Security Council has been convened to consider complaints of the African States against the colonial policy of Portugal and apartheid policies of South Africa, the President of the Council, Morocco’s M. Benhima, said on July 14. The Foreign Ministers of Tunisia, Liberia and Sierra Leone are to appear before the Council to present the African case. July 22 has been set for the meeting, it is learnt, to suit the convenience of the American and British delegations whose permanent representatives are out of New York at the moment.

12,000 lines an hour

A computer system that virtually eliminates manual operation in type-setting has been announced in New York by International Business Machines. The machine, called the IBM 1620, can set, hyphenate and justify (produce lines of even length) as many as 12,000 1-pica lines of 8-point type an hour, the company says. A standard newspaper column is 11 pica wide. Edited copy is first punched into paper tape by a typist. The tape is fed into IBM 1620, which stores the copy in its “memory”. The computer then adds spacing to fill out the lines, and puts in hyphens where required. The finished product is a tape that is fed into an automatic line-casting machine. In addition, a 1620 with “allotting capability” can accept copy from as many as 20 tape punches, feeding the output to 20 paper tape readers attached to 20 automatic line-casting machines.

Bananas for Kuwait

An agreement for the export of 3,600 tons of green bananas to Kuwait has been signed by a three-man Kuwait delegation and the Maharashtra State Marketing Co-operative Society. The delegation, which was led by Mr. Mohammed Alahan, toured Maharashtra and Gujarat for a week. The first shipment of 250 tons will leave Bombay for Kuwait early in September and thereafter, it is understood, there would be two shipments every month. The export rate is Rs.625 per metric ton. Though the agreement provides for the shipment of 3,600 tons to Kuwait, it is estimated that the total annual export of bananas to Persian Gulf ports would be 6,000 tons.