This Day That Age (dated July 16, 1963)

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(dated July 16, 1963)
(dated July 16, 1963)

Irrigation channels

The Central Road Research Institute in New Delhi has developed a technique to considerably reduce seepages of water in irrigation channels. The Institute, which had carried out research work on this, has found that the permeability of the soil could be reduced to a great extent with a special type of bituminous material. The technique consists of adding a small percentage of bituminous mixture to the ordinary country plaster to be applied to the walls of the irrigation channel. (The country plaster contains clay soil with chopped straw.) The plaster is then allowed to dry and ‘cure’ for a couple of days in the sun. The bitumen spreads itself in a thick film around the soil particles and makes it waterproof.

Spiritual leader

Swami Sivananda Saraswati, who passed away at Rishikesh on the night of July 14 at the age of 76, was the founder-President of the Divine Life Society and had written a number of books on Yoga and Indian philosophy. The Swamiji had an attack of cerebral thrombosis on June 25. Though he showed signs of an early recovery, he developed complications on Sunday and grew worse. The end came at 11 p.m.

Victoria Public Hall

The Victoria Public Hall inside People’s Park, constructed in 1888 as the Town Hall for the City of Madras, is to be re-modelled. The decision was made at a recent meeting of the Board of Trustees. It has been proposed to let out the first floor of the building on a 20-year lease, in the first instance, to the proprietor of a cinema house for converting it into a modern picture house. It is learnt the Board also decided to let out the vacant space west of the Hall and abutting the Madras Corporation Office compound to another lessee for running a cafeteria and an open-air-theatre. Built on a 57-ground plot, leased out to the Board by the Madras Corporation, the Victoria Public Hall has for many years been the venue of many important public functions. A major portion of the cost of its construction, amounting to nearly Rs.1,82,000, was borne by the then Maharaja of Vizianagaram, while the public also liberally donated towards raising the Hall.



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