This Day That Age (dated January 25, 1963)

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(dated January 25, 1963)
(dated January 25, 1963)

Air umbrella for cities

A joint Commonwealth (U.K. Canada and Australia) United States Air Defence Mission will arrive in India at the invitation of the government of India to examine with the Indian Air Force, the problems and technical requirements involved in organising an effective air defence against the possibility of any further Chinese aggression. The primary purpose of the mission is to examine the technical requirements for providing interceptor squadrons in the event of another Chinese attack against India. Soon after the fall of Se La and Bomdi La, Mr. Nehru made an urgent request to the U.S. for an “air umbrella” to guard the Indian cities and other strategic places against any possible Chinese air attack. Immediately afterwards came the Chinese cease-fire plan and subsequently the Colombo Powers met and produced their proposals.

Govt. angry with Nizam

The Union Home Minister, Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri, said in the Rajya Sabha that the Government had expressed their “indignation” over the Nizam’s decision not to make a voluntary contribution of ten per cent of his privy purse to the National Defence Fund. “We have communicated our views to the Nizam”, he added in reply to a number of questions critical of the Nizam’s decision. Replying to a supplementary from Mr. B.D. Khobargarde, the Minister said, “We leave it to the good sense of the Nizam and his advisors to act in the present situation. They have to keep in mind the present background. I personally feel that the advisors are more responsible than the Nizam himself. Generally speaking, the Home Minister said, the response from the Princes to make a voluntary 10 per cent cut in their privy purses was “very satisfactory”.

Nepal owns peak

Dr. Tulsi Giri, Nepal’s Foreign Minister, clarifying the position of Mount Everest arising out of the Sino-Nepalese boundary agreement asserted that Mount Everest as a peak belonged to Nepal. He, however, added that few people knew Mount Everest as a feature as distinct from the peak. The feature had two approaches, one from Nepal and the other from China.



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