Land not good

The Kerala Government has informed the Madhya Pradesh Government that it had deferred the question of settling 50 agricultural families from Kerala in Madhya Pradesh as the site proposed for settling them in that State did not have irrigation facilities. Mr. K. Kunhambu, Minister for Harijan Welfare, disclosing this in a written answer in the Assembly said the Kerala Government was in consultation with the Madhya Pradesh Government on the possibilities of an alternate site which had irrigation facilities or where irrigation facilities could be made available. The Minister in his reply to Mr. C. Achutha Menon (Com.) said 50 agricultural families were proposed to be settled in Madhya Pradesh. The District Collectors had been instructed to make a preliminary selection of 15 families from each district.

Doctor with bogus degrees

A young doctor who returned to Madras after a period abroad and who had been affixing a number of foreign degrees to his name including the M.R.C.P. (London) has been discovered not to have any claim to at least one of them. Up to the time of discovery, he had been attached to one of the Government hospitals in the City in an honorary capacity. The discovery followed investigation by another Indian Member of the Royal College of Physicians who ascertained from the College headquarters in London that the degree had not been awarded to anyone bearing the Madras doctor’s name.

More hotels for tourists

The Government of India were eager to develop the hotel-bed capacity in India with a view to attracting more foreign tourists to this country, said Mr. M.L. Gaind, Deputy Director-General of Tourism, Government of India. Mr. Gaind, in a talk with newsmen at the airport, said that at present in India they had 10,000 hotel-beds and they required another 7,000 hotel-beds immediately. The Government, he said, would give encouragement to entrepreneurs to construct more hotels. Tourists Rest Houses had been constructed at Kancheepuram, Tanjore and Tiruchi. The buildings were ready but they had not yet been put into commission.