: Scriptures eulogise the Supreme Lord in lofty terms that inspire awe and admiration at one stroke. While His infinitude remains inaccessible (beyond thought and expression), it also seems to put an immeasurable distance between Him and the ordinary individual caught in the cycle of birth. Krishna Avatar holds a unique charm for the devout mainly because the Supreme Being, who is the primordial cause of everything and is the Highest Truth ever, chooses to mingle with people who truly yearn to experience Him as a friend, a lover, a foe, a God, etc. The most attractive aspect of this avatar is His easy accessibility, said Sri B. Sundarkumar in a lecture.

The Bhagavata Purana highlights the many facets of Krishna's childhood in Nandagopa's household where Yasodha and the people of Ayarpadi had occasion to mingle and experience His divine presence. The most commonly used epithet of Krishna is “navaneethachora” that describes His penchant for freshly made butter (Navaneetha). The Lord sports the term thief too happily for when He ate butter from the houses of the Gopis, He actually showered prosperity on them. By His endearing incarnation, the Lord has actually stolen the hearts of the devout. It is said that Nammazhvar went into a trance for six months while reliving the experience of the Lord being bound to the mortar, submitting to Yasodha's request. The Azhwar states that the Lord is easily available to those who seek Him with devotion and He remains aloof and inaccessible to those who are devoid of devotion.

Vedanta Desika captures the Lord's extraordinary quality. He, who is the sole sovereign of the universe, performed the Navaneetha Natya, and charmed the simple folk to get some butter from them. Could there be any better display of Saulabhya?

The Gopis too loved Him and their yearning for His presence is symbolic of the Jivatma's longing for salvation.

It is an awesome experience to even conceive of an all-powerful Lord whose infinite prowess is astounding; yet, it is possible to seek Him through pure devotion. The highest goal salvation is attainable through devotion.