CHENNAI: Among the sacred abodes in this world few are beyond compare because the Lord has come to dwell in them out of His will. These hallowed places are known as Svayamvyakta kshetras and Tiruvenkatam (Tirumala) is one of them. The descent of the Almighty as Srinivasa here is linked to His Krishnavatara according to the Venkatesa Mahatmyam and the Bhavishyottara Purana. Krishna lived with Yashoda only for 10 years but she was the blessed one as she enjoyed all His infantile deeds. On the other hand, He did not bless His mother Devaki with such gracious acts.

Kulasekara Azhwar laments on this omission on Devaki's behalf in his hymn Perumal Tirumozhi, "O hapless one! I have not enjoyed seeing Your beautiful forehead jewel sway over Your face, nor of placing a kiss on Your beautiful lips, nor of seeing the image of Your father in Your face with a flutter in my heart, nor of seeing You put Your little finger into Your little red mouth and babble in a fit of rage. The godly dame Yashoda has received it all."

In his Harikatha, Kalyanapuram Sri R.Aravamudachariar said the link between Krishna and Srinivasa was traced to Yashoda meeting Krishna after many years when she, in spite of having been singularly blessed, expressed that she had not witnessed His marriage. Krishna then promised to fulfil her wish in another descent.

Lakshmi left the Lord when Sage Bhrigu kicked Him on His chest, which is Her abode. Akasaraja who was the ruler in the area of Tiruchanur found Her as a baby girl on a lotus bloom when he ritualistically ploughed the earth and named Her Padmavati. He and his wife brought Her up with great care. The Lord went searching for Her to Varaha Kshetra (Tirumala) and did penance inside an anthill to be united with Her. Brahma and Siva in the form of a cow and calf poured milk into the anthill. Coming out of it one day, He introduced Himself as Srinivasa to an elderly lady Vakulamala by name, who was Yashoda's manifestation. She lavished her love on the handsome youth and when He expressed His wish to marry Padmavati she brought about their union.