The Hindu Croswword 8627

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1 Doc is to rent building on guiding principles (9)

6 Expensive way to marinade (5)

9 Official payment given for contest in present era (5)

10 Where Hamlet first appears to call on attendant? (5,4)

11 One or two characters to be posted? (6,4)

12 Central feature of a nasty eye (4)

14 Part of a total (7)

15 Preeminent person versus five hundred, deteriorated (7)

17 Certainly not an additional puzzle (7)

19 Excellent specimen is a creeper (7)

20 Unusual bore for a river in Spain (4)

22 Mess fare for man's best friend (4,6)

25 The small company a thousand people backed last month got going (9)

26 Greek sick of harassing cross examination (5)

27 Spanish nobleman not available for her (5)


Down 1 In a slow and sleepy manner, medico asks for a pointed implement (5)

2 Skilled boatswain? (9)

3 Consider getting in a rebel organisation that's worth saving (10)

4 Observed that champagne was at room temperature (7)

5 Criticises writings with scorn, then sat with anger on a point (7)

6 Staunch supporter (4)

7 Do at once or manage to get out of (5)

8 The claimant's quiet about a certain offer made (9)

13 Game requiring some tops (10)

14 Given time perhaps (9)

16 Farewell not in order for a great film lover (9)

18 Indifferent to pleasure or pain about one lost in a turmoil (7)

19 Activity remaining after shutdown of operations (7)

21 Foreign capitalist's alternative is returning to tax haven? (5)

23 Railway takes in everybody to gather support (5)

24 Levantine goes to South Africa to see Table Mountain (4)



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