Solution topuzzle 10786

Note: There are five 3D shapes in the solution set. Their corresponding clues don’t carry a direct definition


1Throw the crumpled pita receipt (11)

9Agent to secure counter when the standards body is besieged (7)

10Speaker’s aid in the skating areas announced by the French initially (6)

11Relationships may get spoilt when this is driven (5)

12Ski haphazardly on seeing cheese-making byproduct around the alcoholic drink (7)

15Some go to great lengths for the giant troll (4)

16Elizabeth goes out of the decentralized organization with the lathe part (4,6)

18A journalist’s bug catcher? (4,6)

20Open jar with lithium went missing from the overnight bag (4)

23Anticipate crooked Peter’s provision of shelter for the politician (3-4)

24Frenchman, at the wrong place, dresses with great nicety (5)

26He may pay particular attention to the crease (6)

27Praise censored notice in address (7)

28Contaminated nature of many soft drinks was spread around by the Democrat last month (11)


2Reddish-brown ship takes over the Dutch brook (6)

3Leaders of the camps opened near Erode (4)

4Deploy horn indiscriminately (10)

5Farm machine’s harsh rate briefly adjusted (8)

6Inappropriateness of raising an insect in the medical department (7)

7American wild plum reported to be on the train with the dawdler (9)

8Look for a bird (6)

13Cook hires help to entertain me in retreat after the trainee’s departure (10)

14Delay resulting from intimidation by the female overwhelms Tesla (9)

17Some extreme dialogues might be therapeutic (8)

19Drop back to surround assembled army (7)

21Account by the captured police unit turns sour (6)

22Sedative obtained by northbound Greek character after work on island (6)

25Trace the Greek letter (4)