Solution topuzzle 10774


1Fish, the Italian flipped with a bit of condiment, for seasoning (6)

4Old ship’s chief arrives in, ahead of time (8)

10Father’s old books find space in a lounge perhaps (5,4)

11Old flame’s painting returned being surplus (5)

12Stout one’s in passage (5)

13To improve technically Navy is following procedure with speed (9)

14Refuse to quarrel (5)

16Home for workers at end of shift is a low-level place (8)

19Reprehensible act of fraud in distribution of fuel (8)

20To reduce in amount a bill’s returned with change at the end (5)

23Free from control, nun crashes out leaving conservative (9)

24Peer at fat cat’s leg? Not good (5)

26Out of thin air an African currency plucked out (5)

27Prepare diagrams about start of route to carnival (5,4)

28It’s said to be difficult to maintain being white and bulky (8)

29Property of English Government (6)


1Clown cartwheels — entertains — genteel females laugh (6)

2Settle down with son going back to origins (5)

3In a cycle of respiration express couple of conflicting views (2,3,4,6)

5Journalists caught up in trickery by wit (8)

6I tried badman’s trick at gambling machines (3-5,6)

7Announced new treatment, about one not having to consume for sustenance! (9)

8Concerning catalysts used in chemical reactions (8)

9Order to leave New Delhi starts to convey separation (5)

15Ready, having captured Queen, to drive right away and submerge quickly (5,4)

17Provision is for a new course starting in care of Sue (8)

18Demigod sends you and me back quietly to untenanted Easter Island (8)

21America, universally gets adverse publicity for attempt to arrogate (5)

22Leaseholder occupies smaller English house, finally (6)

25Changing hands, tattered album shows country formerly known as this? (5)