Solution to puzzle 10898


1Small train houses mean bird (7)

5Clever contraption (without ultimate adhesive) to stick with a loop, or several (6)

11Cancel yearly affair after ace pulled out (5)

12Dock worker, a good man, joined lady and daughter at Oregon (9)

13Most extraordinary capture with advanced radar source (6)

14A girl immersed in some messy syrup (8)

16Book the book returned by Spinner (4)

17Lunatic can be livid, yet logical (10)

20Pirates’ capsized copper vessel drowned in drinks (10)

21Sailor to raise male donkey as labourer, one of thirteen (4)

24Ghost-like body that made peace with U.S. president passed away (8)

26If it’s DJ’s, it’s the bottom of the ocean (6)

28Turban knot essentially conceals the bills (9)

29What elephants and whales do at the time of parturition (5)

30To fight the odds, Indian organisation evens return tie (6)

31Storage dismantled by tramps (7)


2Extensive fear grips the ring with the beast (9)

3Really enjoy licking indigenous sweet herb’s roots (6)

4Body beheaded twice, approximately (2,2)

6Cheap, yet proper way to prevent binocularity (8)

7,25The result of a dislocation may be a partial sign of danger (5,5)

8Shepherd’s stanza in the trimmed poem (7)

91 loses wings with time and becomes an imitator (6)

10Requests for fresh supply went through hundred registrars (9)

15Till beef’s prepared, these will keep you alive (4,5)

18Jet lag with a little fuzziness is definitely not a sign of surrender (5,4)

19Kerchiefs with vitamin-laden fruits (8)

20Fat, bald-headed unfit sailor (7)

22Officer for the auditor’s core (6)

23Agree to steer the dog (6)

27Mongols often returned to protect the capital (4)