Solution to puzzle 10884


1Comes down after the bird’s in a holiday location (6,7)

10As a parting remark, gold has to perish (5)

11Native’s roots in Lincoln (9)

12First timer created inferno over west-bound train (9)

13Make hundred to fifty-fifty in own surroundings (5)

14Maintained one got it wrong, following a victory (7)

16Inspector of gold and diamonds finds it with gold (7)

18A mild sort protecting gunners’ top officer (7)

20In future aluminium will be used sideways (7)

22Soldiers transport gets a representation (5)

24Bitter when gas ran out at sea (9)

26Gratifying, but against it originally (9)

27Fish like thoughts? (5)

28Minor logistic problem for an investigator (13)


2Friendly one follows another during walk (7)

3Crooked art dealer swaps amateur for something classy — he is never faithful (9)

4Long to hear a story (5)

5Delay on the way by one week, everything will follow (9)

6His mother converted to a fundamentalist sect (5)

7Soaring flyer’s allowed very little (7)

8Help coming up when crushed between vehicles, for others it could be fatal (7,6)

9Intellectual plays arising from a complaint (8,5)

15Coaster in a Chinese port is spotted, perhaps (9)

17Finding Charlie’s gone for Sunday and hating it (9)

19The hoodlum gets the crowd back mostly (7)

21Trouser tailored for transmission devices (7)

23Cramp finally affects deep sea diver’s arm (5)

25Russian writer left after he was repeatedly told to leave (5)