Solution to puzzle 10883


1American pal fits into a short dress in the Middle East (3,5)

5Being sour will help Charlie inside, I see (6)

10State reason for placing a country above one (7)

11Utopian characters find prickly pear (7)

12See fool caught in a loop (5)

13Thief made away with new articles (9)

14Control habit so as to put in money again (12)

18Attach part of London to my operation (12)

21The contestant will study the bid (9)

23Type name inside to show derision (5)

24U.S. media giant puts god of love in a mist (7)

25Nocturnal creature after work, thus retiring with some money (7)

26One is prone, weighed down by many flowers (6)

27I return to eat before nine — note it as an obsession (4,4)


1A saint has many names, anyway (6)

2Reveal what one Frenchman will demand (6)

3October 31st — How everyone got in, even ignoring Victor? (9)

4The essential factor enabled all land conversion (2-3,3,3-3)

6Passage to a hotel in pretty surroundings (5)

7Tie and untie with ease, as he is held (8)

8Has model come in to town showing virtue? (8)

9This could be offensive (4-6,4)

15To doctor, and to doctor notes, could be a grave sign (9)

16Voiced disapproval about hard receptacle (8)

17Communists plan to reproduce an architectural feature (8)

19Some atmospheric carbon said to be the reason for stunted growth (6)

20Thwart my site representation (6)

22Follow Keynes rule regularly (5)