Solution topuzzle 10878


1Minor accepts Turkish award for a scientific instrument producing regular flashes (6,5)

9Conifer found in the auditor’s island (7)

10Troubles dismissed lawyer with introductions (6)

11Heard of a planting machine for the conifer (5)

12Conifer found by the German returning with timber (7)

15Peer’s gem needs no introduction (4)

16104 issues in a year? (10)

18Idle doctor with thorium meets bachelor in valley retreat (10)

20Unsure after losing opener with malaria (4)

23Walk over to the former U.S. president sent back by the English leader (7)

24Approve play (5)

26Arabian peninsula native, one getting behind a dangerous enemy (6)

27Jersey male, expelled by Northern Ireland, finds a coniferous shrub (7)

28Old Ron Clark’s arrangement for a popular music genre (4-3-4)


2Article on the U.S. tax agency is not ours (6)

3Get rid of what was concealed by the moustache (4)

4Curses as ban on student rising by the inhabitants of North America is lifted (10)

5Flowering plant found in wrinkle-free coat for bridge partners (8)

6Poisonous conifer made famous by Socrates? (7)

7Crime case solved for frozen desserts (3,6)

8Web resident? (6)

13Deliberation over Edward’s ouster of the French leader is a politician’s dream (2-8)

14Syd goes up for admission after tucking in the Asian with an intestinal infection (9)

17Georgia interrupts clumsy rebuke of the skilled computer enthusiast (8)

19Adverb in contracts provided by man tucking into baked torte (7)

21Wrestle with the adult getting rid of the French brandy (6)

22House for dogs in the street gutter (6)

25Raja realises that the contents are not fastened (4)