Solution topuzzle 10876


1Phraseology, using not 1000 but 500 (7)

5Steadies old West Indies cricketer? (6)

9Language oddity from fool having no time to get married (5)

10Worker at 11 getting back for some “before the meal” eats (9)

11Given strength electrifyingly (7)

12Specialist leaves enthusiast to work up massage technique (7)

13Two men meet throne occupant (5)

14At home with crooked office-holder (9)

16They used to precede films in theatres to update us on events (9)

19When the moths are done at the table? (5)

21Indicated it’s sharp (7)

23Overawe New York city? (7)

24She works with a will (9)

25Bare posers (5)

26Woman is French woman (6)

27Gossamer — like a spinner’s work (7)


1Impudent person with more-in-the-know photographer (14)

2Carp over method of funicular (7)

3One small measure, by word of mouth, is bad (7)

4Relative, changed, is grander (9)

5Reportedly glimpses building locations (5)

6Graduate’s exercise is beginning to materialise in initiation (7)

7Railway official got up first with ribbon ornament (7)

8At the same time usual solemnity is sacrificed (14)

15One hundred containers under the boilers are money holders (9)

17Vacillates over Indian legal abandonments (7)

18Make fresh contact to improve old negative? (7)

19English female to get by with one Turkish honorific (7)

20Walk with a sway to the end of street for idle talk (7)

22Venturesome one to read about top risk (5)