Solution topuzzle 10870


1The extra who chewed the actor (3,6)

5A number included in a term for this earth (5)

8Line of upper class people, non-oriental, behind the officer (6)

9GI leaves iced greens curiously concealed (8)

11Once a river, now a big display (4)

12Bloomer on a barrier by one with no dancing partner (10)

14Breakfast food, hot inside causes expletives (5)

15Live at home with a loose garment (7)

16Give fresh gear to engineer with an odd pique (7)

17Flower from the Battle of Brunanburh in England (5)

19Mature worker suppresses hesitation, finding contaminator (10)

20Little money of old for a team leader (4)

22Projection on bone featured in rambling lecture beginning to bore (8)

23Fitness left out right in the fireplace (6)

24At the tip of the head, a mountain of a membrane (5)

25Typical example of a cheap tyre bursting (9)


1Dollar note returned for a pail (6)

2Digital identity of one called (9,6)

3Hit softly by light (4)

4Canal critter turns obstinate (12)

5With a part of the foot, cleaning lady carries one in a mobile seat (10)

6Eco-friendly power got by processing new, green eastern barley (9,6)

7French philosopher who acted and ripped back (7)

10Drink for apsaras frolicking around a stream (12)

13Such steel as goes into the making of curt ultras (10)

16Cooked in a kiln scarlet all around (7)

18Quiet one hugged by Miss West in club (6)

21Father showing some temper eventually (4)