Solution to puzzle 10868


1Fool gets four-point something — That’s not common (7)

5Man with nothing but uncluttered head in presentation (6)

11Places for the triumphant triumvirate (5)

12Soldiers are not able to capture girl vagabond (9)

13Obedient, coiled snakes (6)

14Fast bowler, extremely steadfast, entering the sewer (8)

16Start off, cook on direct flame and stir up (4)

17Refuse removal of previous boss of America in a rocky period (10)

20Scale in five steps the enclosure — it takes time and a boost (10)

21Unemployed Spinner would shortly leave, with no goodbye (4)

24Won’t he do the part exactly? (2,3,3)

26Moulds seldom affected (6)

28For him, knocking over is central (9)

29Lookout for Caledonian swimming around underwater peak (5)

30Stray off course without a person to set things right (6)

31A fly inside me is one with influence (7)


2Saving to shaving? (9)

3Practical seaman in hateful surroundings (6)

4Return to release the spell (4)

6A feminine mongrel with micro-inscription is intolerable (1,3,4)

7Pigtail tied up in the absence of police officer remains intact (5)

8Revenues from homecomings (7)

9Spinner of webs about falls, rises (6)

10Receive conditioned reappointment without pomp (9)

15Genomic or otherwise, it’s for human good (9)

18Do mend these misfits (3,3,3)

19Little things give it the slip (5,3)

20Alternate ballet in the dance night might be a cause for worry (7)

22Reproduction in panthers at zoo (6)

23Jesus Christ perhaps sponsored child (6)

25I sequentially arrived at Italian city (5)

27Raise stakes on fiery Sicilian fountain (4)