Solution to puzzle 10864


1Cocktail, iced, dispensed in Hong Kong possibly (7)

5Consequently accepted managerial qualification restriction (7)

9Formal document of privileges covering a club card (9)

10Convincing force of argument for one about to pursue record (5)

11Out-and-out scholar ran tutorial houses (6)

12Pulled up second edition, binding no longer fresh (7)

14Spoils life situation without love (4)

15Obsession with one working aspect (10)

19Flourished, unique identity overcoming ruin at a point (10)

20Facts a bit contrary (4)

22Way stores freely give a holy text (3,4)

25Bedraggled unit collapsed, definitely lacking guts (6)

27Trace element in geologic core (5)

28Upset, furiously burst in, departed (9)

29Long-established mysterious group (4-3)

30Right exit to go back (7)


1Groom, say, refusing a church (4)

2Attack repulsed, a hero knocked up the runs (9)

3Perhaps tie and whip half-raving prisoner (6)

4Cycles from Central Station complex (9)

5Observers described royal circuit courts (5)

6Inflated charge is outstanding (8)

7Rapidly spread fashion died (5)

8Unplanned outsourcing primarily replaced a person from the West (10)

13Worked out at length, filled with joy, filled with wind (10)

16A sign of something coming before it appears on the computer screen (9)

17Bombed a building, somewhat short echo not heard (9)

18Unoccupied head’s state of inactivity (8)

21Threaded ends of short crosspiece (6)

23Grade beginner before granting admission to new class (5)

24Inspect underground opening to check shaft (5)

26Poems on desk left unfinished (4)