Solution to puzzle 10863


1A meal around a large boat (6)

4A trapper damaged printing material (3,5)

10Light-headed, rambling fool with virus (9)

11Bitter resistance seen in a police department (5)

12Tesla’s feeble twist (5)

13Courage of bold worker with some rye (9)

14Damage a chemist’s workplace within India’s coast (7)

16Genuine currency of Brazil (4)

19A crust’s nearly back again (4)

21An army officer and an outlaw (7)

24Howling aloud until the chief of demons left awkwardly (9)

25Danger for many following Persian fairy (5)

26Protection for a dealer of stolen goods (5)

27Reportedly see extremity in Capone’s gangsters (9)

28Urged the former host Edward to take some students out for a little rave (8)

29Decapitate Belgium’s chief (6)


1Forever finding a little insect rising up in spirit (8)

2Together one’s led haywire by Yankee (8)

3Caught castle’s dishonest man (5)

5He is responsible for neat take-aways (7)

6Father takes jar back with a note for Hindu god (9)

7Sufi master took in a robber… (6)

8Communist, I heard, in a late night flight (3,3)

9Smith’s a counterfeiter (6)

15Reckless businessman’s puppy is sent back by staff positioned near the emergency room (9)

17Possibly a result of taking steps around the fire? (8)

18Admired unfinished puppet held by one northbound overseas Indian (8)

20French roll and cheese stuffed with unlimited mocha (7)

21Proscribed the thing say for a thief (6)

22Soften the noise of beast of burden that’s doubly loud inside (6)

23Satisfy a desire of heartless royal’s companion of honour (6)

25Award displayed by Capri zealots (5)