Solution to puzzle 10839


1Perfectly groomed? A mute claim exposed (10)

7Pole carried by the schoolmaster (4)

9New leader of insurgents in the party? Drive him out (6)

10Creature that made fall costly, we hear (8)

11Unpleasant sights? Agreed, among eastern minerals (8)

12Fighter held in before he moved to another land (6)

13On cue, vain mob, crazy, sends off men to makeshift camp (7)

16Morbidly active and no end ill, going around at that time (7)

17Not at work, away from responsibility (3-4)

19Physically fit, rich wife makes way for Henry (7)

22Directions by the centre for a repeat performance (6)

23Demosthenic, like Edmund Burke? (8)

26One great event falsified in a word picture (8)

27A stretch in a long tongue of land for the ghost (6)

28Persistent enmity expected to recoil after onset of famine (4)

29Advice to an insomniac! (5,5)


2Edible flesh, a bit yellow, is full of substance (5)

3Italian poet who was a riot — so funny! (7)

4American girl’s guide (5)

5Fine note found in deposit once more (6)

6Point of importance in an upheaval (9)

7Dull in retrospect, the spouse was one helpful in labour (7)

8The weapon to bring out a marlin (9)

14Torture flea in tin? Childish (9)

15Genuine, posh article caught in a caper (9)

18The physician made an admission and went to a watery grave (7)

20Here, to sell out is hardly ill-mannered (7)

21Medium in Hyderabad (6)

24Beginning in a place of shooting (5)

25Guileless Scot upset over extremes of violence (5)