Solution topuzzle 10836


1A magical mantra engineered just like this clue? (14)

10A poetic commendation inherent in a silken voice (5)

11Bird’s tail was cut off and the sound that followed was piercing (9)

12, 19Pronounce, ponder and put away the lining which children would circle on cold, frosty mornings? (8,4)

13Animal that goes ‘Pop’ due to a pointed stand (6)

15Holy hippos out in the pursuit of wisdom (10)

16Like the evergreen stuff that made a comeback with the sleazy Nipponese (4)

19See 12 Ac.

20An effect of the recessive gene makes the British want a woman with the European Parliament (5,5)

23The fallen man without a surname had a swelling and was extremely teary (6)

25Sybarite’s weird, unusual collection (8)

27Missing man and sailors cheat mutineer who turned his back on them (9)

28Game makers can consume home-food (3,2)

29Mce mce mce (5,5,4)


2Television disowning one broadcast that shows new stuff (9)

3Leader of the blind community? (5,3)

4Stakes on the Brazilian city’s odd rally raised already (10)

5She’s bloody as a spirited tomato (4)

6One who analyses the canopy (6)

7Provides an upper surface to slice bananas (5)

8Part and then unite cleanly? (7)

9Mountain cat and alien return to form an alliance (4,2)

14Stylish perception needed to manage an avian enclosure (7,3)

17Stiff final held in one nice ground (9)

18This other map contains a line that connects the equally hot (8)

19Where you would find the left lung inside-out (2,5)

21Agassi first quit running, then started practising (6)

22Slogged and smashed in with a trace of roughness (6)

24Thinker recalled unfinished summary (5)

26Implicit devotee of Lord originally in a lifeless form? (4)