Solution to puzzle 10830


1Book balance (7)

5Issue not closed? Go for extension (7)

9Mammal, one swallowed by a reptile moving agilely (9)

10Fantastic run — he becomes a leader (5)

11Soldiers who aren’t professional? (7)

12Chief participating in Aam aadmi rally (7)

13Speaker’s rule number one (9)

15Become equal (5)

17Gold perhaps, of King Otto (5)

19Pastry and fresh bagel in a container (6,3)

22Check and discharge every other better turned in (7)

25Illusion created by god of sound? (7)

26Size’s right for a change (5)

27An office employing a thousand — in Alaska (9)

28Can I buy used amp for the instrument? (7)

29First half of Emmy’s over and edited (7)


1Driving or otherwise, you might need it to get where you want (4,3)

2Bob, Republican, caught making noise (9)

3Like a machine, run an instrument and check endlessly (7)

4Caught in a hospital section and reprimanded (9)

5Old company in California making non-alcoholic beverage (5)

6Car mother’s got — smallest (7)

7Hate the sound of a yawn (5)

8Silence in church after protest — not a bit of action (7)

14File about revolution — showing series of changes from start to finish (4,5)

16The French arrive after getting ticket to Mesa (9)

17Move, say, with intuition (7)

18Complex chart on each part of respiratory system (7)

20Happening part of a series (7)

21State leader to continue (2-5)

23Sound and detailed article on alcohol (5)

24Fabric colour (5)