Solution to puzzle 10828


1Suspension of race when sea gives way to land initially (6)

4Crooks, initially violent, restrained by medicines (6)

9Indian son still under trial? (4)

10Mow around pattern supposedly made by aliens (4,6)

11‘I’m leaving the platoon,’ said the temporary ruler (6)

12In a distinct manner of speech, fool holds some lectures (8)

13Compulsive shopping is a gross abomination lacking better taste initially (9)

15Bugs for stories about South Africa (5)

16Rock pile to cover up missing alien (5)

18Patent his ludicrous view of equating all to God (9)

22Seasoned beef cut by force of one (8)

23Bother is not a nicety (6)

25Native sailor is archetypal (10)

26Identify half of them as being just the same (4)

27Herb in the South East is the exact … (6)

28… purpose of the serpent’s anger (6)


1Pub that the lady lived in (7)

2High-class guru of management (5)

3Cheese found in Cagliari cottage (7)

5Street kid’s church in crumbling ruin (6)

6Hostility of Sehwag’s lens we hear (9)

7Singles out groups harbouring the French (7)

8Changes Lalit’s, say, obsessions about replacing the unknown (13)

14Upsets public, partly laments… (9)

17… about Stallone’s hero initially spoiling word games (7)

19Rings for Uncle Pai’s magazines (7)

20Conceal in South Eastern Mediterranean island (7)

21Old Testament’s Aramaic translation led to heated argument, flayed some nerves (6)

24Excuse for abilities failing to sever links? (5)