Solution topuzzle 10827


1Six of one or half a dozen of another (6)

4Rag worker rioted violently (6)

9His shepherd’s not unsuitable, despite having lost a couple of rams initially (4)

10Cylindrical snack for post-winter revolution? (6,4)

11Plum’s mother’s working (6)

12Logical bases for empires at sea? By the seashore (8)

13Geez! It’s doubly chancy harbouring an Easterner given the contemporary atmosphere (9)

15An African ape has this on its neck (4)

16The man cooks food primarily for outsiders (4)

17Bread crumbs — what’s left outside for robin (9)

21Catastrophic ‘cattle class’ clause partially retracted for being gauche (8)

22Chicken traumatised after rooster’s tail vanished (6)

24Omnipresent but powerless — in the soup (10)

25Surrounded by military, leader requires outside help (4)

26Behind the queen’s dessert (6)

27Time and place of withdrawal? (6)


1Mohammed, perhaps, accommodating mountain depository (7)

2Cheaters’ requirements, in short (5)

3Fundamental nature of old Jew to embrace Catholic (7)

5GP cured acne in ballerina (6)

6End semester in a tree, oddly (9)

7Substitute to be of the opinion opening batsman should be replaced by end of September (7)

8Propensity produced by prior proprietorship? (13)

14Handling tamer roughly in marquee (9)

16Nearly crazy, Nair almost mutilated Russian first lady of old (7)

18Brown disturbed by bridge player’s assault (7)

19Loafers’ misdemeanours: smuggling treasure from the South (4-3)

20Serial killer on the right side (6)

23A convoluted system to render one speechless (5)