Solution to puzzle 10817


1Not finishing job on time is wrong (6)

5Rough mount say (6)

10Take no notice of men driven by any means (5,4)

11This paper-back, recommended for all (5)

12Sensation often given by first pint in bar (5)

13So one clue I’d composed is pleasing? (9)

14Land in emergency room being run over by coach (7)

16Zulu chief wearing woven angora fabric (7)

18Depart from archaeological site on ship (7)

20Instrument, might be associated with Police Sergeant (7)

21Exhibiting unacceptable behaviour away from work (3,2,4)

23Start skipping a meal (5)

25Money one is obliged to pay for tool (5)

26Passing bats, ample here (9)

27Cross and somewhat tetchy bridegroom (6)

28Recited Frost’s poems (6)


2Nail to drive through walls (5)

3Transport network in a continent found wanting you hear (9)

4Wore freshly ironed tee (5,2)

5Disguised gangster to disappear into Mexican state (7)

6Makeshift hospital a medico went around (2,3)

7We put up new sofa in a room (3,6)

8Either or neither end of ‘hammock’ (8,5)

9Nurse, duly chastised, full of grace (8,5)

15Immediately left home? Quite the opposite (5,4)

17Surprisingly more glib youth leader showed goodness (9)

19Small bonus added to final salary (7)

20Relatively smart first year student (7)

22Excitement in America following gold seen around an old city (5)

24Part of the body — cheek (5)