Solution to puzzle 10813


1Extremely old and clever account about one (7)

5Insect makes Latin deputy stop short on street (6)

9Cherished object of the Spanish hidden in endless heap of hay (5)

10Range line shifted for the most part (2,7)

11Leader of servants to puke up violently in final act like harakiri (7)

12Country modifies ratio in California (7)

13Swimmer emerges from the first drubbing (5)

14Cry that may be heard before a rabbit appears magically (3,6)

16Chastise old girl friend doling out erotica (9)

19Provide food to animal with hesitation (5)

21Outstanding Freud revolts, looking back partially (7)

23Annoy Sid and Burt by shaking them (7)

24All set before a planned trip, perhaps (5,2,2)

25Language team accepts artist’s query at first (5)

26Like our roads after rains — or most TV serials (6)

27In which E is for egg, possibly (7)


1How men move is equally applicable to all classes (6-3-5)

2Coy pals improvise West Indian music (7)

3Story of Bill, the nobleman (7)

4Dog Greek character going to dance after dance without pounds (9)

5You apply it while reasoning, of course (5)

6Cold and grumpy, lacking dead leader’s openness (7)

7Mischief-makers persist in driving away (7)

8What lazy conservancy staff leave behind them? Nonsense! (1,4, 2,7)

15Hype oldie generated may give optimism (5,4)

17Bald hint received by party (3,4)

18They are visible manifestation of sleeplessness (3,4)

19Stage job caught by a deception (7)

20USA mint destroyed in a natural calamity (7)

22English lad going round new jet (5)