Solution to puzzle 10812


1Eats (fish is consumed) resulting in upsets (5-3)

5Retiring taking strange, cheap wool (6)

9A female and I hang out with a foreign national (7)

10These marathons are for amusement (3,4)

11All 12 inches of a foot-rule (4-5)

12Quiet people (no female) at a dance (5)

13Defeat, smart, not small (4)

14Decay isn’t upsetting group (9)

17Exchanges revised ad efforts (5-4)

19Breathe hard when general practitioner goes around (4)

23Esteem a learner steeped in French panorama (5)

24Egg-bearing Di dropped out of avoirdupois programme (9)

25Place where things vanish — on top of Mt. Everest, perhaps (4,3)

26The sort of drink one likes on a hot day (3-4)

27Dissolute artist Sikh’s broke (6)

28Cowardly — not like the protagonist of a Bollywood film, say (8)


1Framework for building gone up in heat (8)

2Nice gal could well be… (7)

3Electronic mistake or slip (6)

4One of which is mixed with another to make a new hue (7,6)

6Select carefully worker to play the banjo? (4-4)

7Jacket for two (7)

8He would never say ‘No’ (3-3)

10Film what you can see at a given moment (5,2,6)

15How coin is inserted in a slot (8)

16Somewhat poised, in-charge is coming at intervals (8)

18Be boisterous! I will come back and sway around (7)

20Sherry for a ladies’ man (7)

21Sailor goes after girl — a divine form (6)

22Flower arrangement found right by champion setter (6)