The Hindu Crossword No. 9704

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1 Plant that gets a fat prize (9)

5 A measure for time in old European money (5)

8 The appellation given in a Spanish article for a cover for grinders etc. (6)

9 Indian girl to support fictional lady who would misuse words (8)

11 Garden tool under a keeper’s care here (4)

12 They carry goods but may themselves get carried away (10)

14 Better prepared German drops soldier, pocketing a million (5)

15 To go back to an earlier state is the right way out (7)

16 Something to eat from a river in Pakistan, oil-cooked (7)

17 Violin-maker provided with a cover underfoot in Air India (5)

19 Body of troops who initiated governance in Asia, say (10)

20 Hot deposit from a meat and vegetable dish (4)

22 Revolutionary cadre tripped by a conifer (3,5)

23 It is in footwear or in a fish (6)

24 An ancient land, say, with unknown little part (5)

25 Highly pleased to get illumination in action (9)


1 In Bellary, losing a pound and getting upset makes the eyes dim and red (5)

2 It is time to feel grateful to the Maker (12,3)

3 Jug, one among those we recently found (4)

4 He pretends to be virtuous and makes a lamentation about flowers (7,5)

5 Star of the show but he need not necessarily show the way (7,3)

6 Jerome’s work about a trio afloat (5,3,2,1,4)

7 What a lensman does (7)

10 It makes it possible for a flier to get on board (8,4)

13 Personification of an English doctor with time to take in cricket match people (10)

16 Do that bend again on therapy, swallowing a bit of vanilla (7)

18 Protection for the Spanish eating suspect dish? Quite the reverse (6)

21 Problem caused by a society worrier (4)



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