The Hindu Crossword No. 9363

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 1 Heat treatment to get rid of bugs (14)

 8 Place visible from Anantnag purely by chance (6)

 9 An investor’s hope (8)

11 Singing at Xmas, a profession that captures the heart of Jerome (9)

12 Fertilizer from Goa — new, superior variety (5)

13 An intellectual to incite the chief (7)

15 Shutters for a shuteye (7)

17 One who threw out English conqueror (7)

19 Some music that can daze unexpectedly (7)

21 Devastation caused by a village officer in the House of Commons (5)

23 Show of anger, a feature of Deepavali (9)

25 The chap you reportedly call is enriching the soil (8)

26 Go there and do some restoration (6)

27 Old-fashioned, like one holding up a newspaper? (6,3,5)


 1 Self-assurance that made a Greek god suffer pain (7)

 2 Gur, as refined, is a sweet thing (5)

 3 Bullet that is new becomes buoyant (9)

 4 Hairstyle of one unmarried going around capital of Hungary (7)

 5 Object that is a part of the earth in general (5)

 6 Musical drama? No, it spells out some work in the theatre (9)

 7 Cricket matches around Oxford University are very unpleasant (6)

10 Flier making an offer, that’s about right (4)

14 Complaint that upsets even Craig (9)

16 A grant to stop women suffering start of trauma (9)

17 Disinter the one-time philosopher of Scotland (6)

18 Well-mannered but showing anger about penalty (7)

19 Treatment for a priest in France (4)

20 Heavenly ladies like Tilottama perhaps (7)

22 A dog, bit of a Rottweiler, separates upset policeman and military officer (5)

24 The kingdom of a genuine head of men (5)



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