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The Hindu Crossword No. 9257

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 1 Show deference to agent of sect (7)

 5 Settle down to create music (7)

10 Hire vehicle, one takes to Los Angeles for a secret occult meet (6)

11 Trial lot developed on coastal strip of land (8)

12 Appeared to me that seed was spread around (6)

13 A stern domino mysteriously featured by Dumas (4,4)

14 Son goes right back to girl with rich resources (6)

15 Speeds on time to the Music Academy (6)

18 To U.S., the French haul things over (6)

20 Power that may be exercised at will within a time limit (6)

23 Name well known before da Vinci (8)

25 Take stock of other people (6)

26 His son can lay no claim to his mantle of nobility (4,4)

27 Ring ten times round from the source (6)

28 Leaves without permission (7)

29 He does not believe in the Almighty (7)


 2 Got off the letters one had written (6)

 3 Married theatricals who share the fun (9)

 4 Chief Instructor goes round circle to praise her (7)

 6 Remote settlement (7)

 7 Introduction to a right poem (5)

 8 Suddenly break off violent demonstration after someone dropped the shutter (8)

 9 Conspicuous success for the man who gets his pilot’s certificate? (6,7)

16 Fanciful talk about illicit liquor (9)

17 Not a fixed period (8)

19 Are breaking up the home, and that’s serious (7)

21 Extinguish the light and call the guard (4,3)

22 Al not truthful about joining in a friendship group (6)

24 Nice to have around an eastern relative (5)



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