The Hindu Crossword No. 9190

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 1 Fish comrade out of impending doom (4,2,5)

 9 Drug wars in China (5)

10 Delicacy inside grass

pulled out (9)

11 Bird quilt has no down (5)

12 Greek letter for head of state (libeller) from a womaniser (11)

13 Oriental flower festival (6)

14 A star in Tamil, not quite capable of causing a big splash (7)

18 Check out lentil dish in Watergate, maybe (7)

20 Dangerously fast rodents return to centre of Las Vegas (6)

24 Guardian’s responsibility to adjust speaking fee (11)

26 Nerve to work on beat,

reportedly (5)

27 Help returned by Frenchman later in trouble related to circular feature (9)

28 Old city in heart of Albania, far from rural (5)

29 Power to make a thinking move (11)


 1 Flared up and burst out audibly (8)

 2 Crude rice tins boxing oxtail are of outside origin (9)

 3 Took in too much to inflate? Not right! (7)

 4 Toned down Greek letter for Lawrence (Danish leader) (5)

 5 Communist annoyed by relief provider (3,5)

 6 Bull’s eye hit by Greek poet removing German leader with a gun (4,3)

 7 Euphoric soldier (Yankee) embraces clergyman (5)

 8 Such a paper may lead to a smooth and shiny finish (5)

15 Drags Mira out to carnival (5,4)

16 Flower for lawyer from Illinois about to take off, going north (8)

17 Bowers made of pear logs (8)

19 Fledgling Nidhi begins upward climb (7)

21 Rejoin Beth, rambling jobless, at that place (7)

22 New Zealand imprisons opposition leader from Russia on a holiday (5)

23 Chain members about to be replaced with second grade sticks (5)

25 Faculty can come back in two weekends (5)



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