The Hindu Crossword No. 8851

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1 It's not the same provided the umpire returns in depression (9)

5 Bottles in the Roman way, large and small (5)

8 The endless hurry of a songbird (6)

9 A vakil's love trashed somewhere in Central Europe (8)

11 In Indian astrology, it is part of an ultrahuman thing (4)

12 Executive's recorder that China opted to mend (10)

14 Mark left on track after a little time (5)

15 Protection for a listener, listener with panic (7)

16 In a short moment, panic erupts in plant (7)

17 Circular discharge from a firearm (5)

19 Stand-in uses it but wrongly around start of tournament (10)

20 The fare on offer (4)

22 A tailless gecko, for example, at home in a reddish dye (8)

23 Takes the trouble to clasp son in gentle embrace (6)

24 A pet animal that is a motherless calf (5)

25 It provides light in the petromax to scatter male gnats (3,6)


1 Spot a shortened way for one who is senile... (6)

2 ... temporarily, before night-time anyhow (3,3,4,5)

3 A part of appeasement is relaxation (4)

4 What one on the stand promises to do? (4,3,5)

5 What most mammals are (producing live young ones) troubles a saviour (VIP) (10)

6 It could be due when a registered letter is sent a token of receipt (15)

7 Lose weight, to be promising (5,2)

10 Nero would have taken a bow to it (6,6)

13 A trim stage designed for a judicial officer (10)

16 Some thing to eat for the lead player dunked in half-digested food (7)

18 Inferior in rank and reportedly small (6)

21 A basis of Indian classical music found in Braganza (4)



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