The Hindu Crossword No. 8848

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1 Root said to be far-reaching (7)

5 Bodice appearing to sink in the centre (7)

9 Open country as a setting for pastoral literature (5)

10 Is gay professor appointed to it? (4,5)

11 Feeling of weariness (5)

12 Records attempt at wall covering (8)

14 Special edition of a newspaper (5)

15 Wandered, preferring the Middle East to the West (9)

18 Bark house (3,6)

20 Sent on time order for portable shelters for camp (5)

22 United Nations intervenes in native court (8)

24 A Red Indian (6)

26 South American doctor gets a first class return in a Panamanian port (9)

27 The thanks due to a Greek letter (5)

28 Need eyeglasses to ogle! (7)

29 Interestingly unusual road on a stretch of open country (7)


1 Rebuke salesman giving red hen the run around (9)

2 Pull clear of the trap (4,3)

3 Frank got fed up with being a competitor (9)

4 Mad to be on a steam engine, briefly (4)

5 Like a little company and many a story (10)

6 Frill of lace for Henry to cure properly (5)

7 Much ado about part used to connect with another, through a device (7)

8 Each railway built in good time (5)

13 Men on diet should effect some improvement (10)

16 One who belittles a drawer attached to Department of Employment (9)

17 Utterly reckless, dangerous speed estimate (9)

19 He cross-examines harassingly to torment the victim (7)

21 Girl eager to provide material (7)

22 Talc one may get with an old Thailand coin (5)

23 Deprive of fortitude (5)

25 Concludes with the objects aimed at (4)



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