1But surely it is not a permit for road rage! (7,7)

8Transform a cricket match, friendly to start with, in the outskirts of Monterrey (6)

9Birthplace of big craft (8)

11A sound device to re-create rare ‘toons (9)

12Correspond with European Union getting in useful information (3,2)

13Dog that may go wrong in a row (7)

15They are between 23 deg. 27' N. and 23 deg. 27' S. (7)

17Minimal cover as used by the first man (3,4)

19Old actress, a life saver for a drowning man (3,4)

21Almost pretty is the cover of the body (5)

23What Parliament may do if a member is behind time? (9)

25Plant in a container reversed getting new oil spilt (8)

26Small shot for that girl, French, in small part (6)

27Rude, embarrassing person would relent if banter fails (6,8)


1Negative mark of French excellence (7)

2Indian flower in a business try out (5)

3Very childish worker included in trendy list (9)

4Get something left (7)

5Pravasi, in short (5)

6A pre-condition for the end of hostilities? (9)

7Modifies notice on small apartments (6)

10Note suppressed by Southern Railway causes agitation (4)

14Parade ground command for the correct action (5,4)

16Exaggerate the turn to correct severe rot (9)

17Treatment for presenting a better front (6)

18Unwanted adverse outcome – fine innings coming to a close (7)

19Excellent, not necessarily like some unending serials (4)

20A support in time to relax, upsetting the Spanish (7)

22Small picture, in South Africa, of a flower-head (5)

24Such a speech needs no preparation (2,3)