The Hindu Crossword 9843

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Nita Jaggi


1 Scruffy Frenchman in derelict surroundings (7)

5 One may cough up this thing (6)

10 It can be self-addressed and sealed (8)

11 Head priest had to turn back the screen (6)

13 Undoubtedly there is a small ancient city in the East (4)

14 Speed up the car mostly in reverse to have fun out on the beach front (10)

16 Generally the leader is in to grade the sharpness of the knife (6)

18 Even swan in the river is stuck in severe rainfall (8)

21 Language in the tea state is first spoken in with ease (8)

22 A tax levied initially to overcharge trade leaders for nothing in Italy (6)

25 Work with the curator for an accountant (10)

27 Refuse the breakfast cereal (4)

30 I notice the tailless hooter in the wet land (6)

31 Device in gyms ultimately is for the instructor (8)

32 Call for the French darner (6)

33 Particular Monsieur indeed (7)


2 Certainly not even once the priest turns up (5)

3 They are slippery at the tip off the stilettoes (4)

4 Father will see the end of the dynasty of government in the Roman Catholic Church (6)

6 Target a theatre (5)

7 A duo never tries to do hard work (9)

8 He smears most of the masala on the fish (7)

9 Tansen's education derived by pure instinct (6)

12 Wild lemon fruit (5)

15 Foreigner deletes one virus (4)

17 Georgia has a second chance to show off (9)

19 Small cut in the round cake is odd (4)

20 At the same time our man finally receives the cricket trophy (5)

21 White disc in French (7)

23 Overlook one dangerous goon leaving Ohio again (6)

24 Chemical element has spirit overheard (6)

26 Heartlessly Ken is in the college on the hill (5)

28 Parameters of the grassland (5)

29 Leaders delighted after having Indian curd (4)



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