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The Hindu Crossword 9783

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1 Nothing but novel – clean but with no truth in it (4,7)

9 Admiral at last makes an unusual sortie resulting in delays (7)

10 Farmer with loss of time gets new architect (7)

11 Susie, given this, can be unassisted (5)

12 O man, a louse, losing his foot, is turning inconsistent (9)

13 Poor shot in route regretted (5)

15 Young girl's stares, misinterpreted, leads to misfortunes (9)

18 One may tread in what is left by another (9)

21 Chacha loses spectacles in one hour spent in a rush (5)

22 It is a chop tossed in kheer, perhaps (9)

24 Being broadcast, O Keralite! (2,3)

26 The sort of bliss one gets in a union (7)

27 Handel not led back – not at home in retreat (7)

28 One's girl friend today? (7,4)


1 Foreign national away to finish a task completely (6,3)

2 Tsarina loses directions for cooking an Indian side dish (5)

3 When a farmer is on his land for cultivation? Not exactly! (5,4)

4 Copper darts madly to get a dessert (7)

5 Lacking reverence, I am putting one in terrible soup (7)

6 Curiously any pound has one antelope (5)

7 Chef into new field of study (8)

8 Foreign national discards Hindu leader's flower (4)

14 Consumer in sort-out finds pants (8)

16 UN nob sent order for a protective covering (3,6)

17 Cruel brutes toe maidservant (9)

19 One may take a deep breath from this medicinal device (7)

20 To begin with, checked her toe and then cleaned up foot (7)

22 Big cat to grasp you from Rewa at last (4)

23 Excited father abandons ludicrous act (5)

25 A greeting in Spain to raise a greeting in Hawaii (5)



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