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The Hindu Crossword 9755

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1 Knock down: let kits roll off! (7)

5 Solemn class by little boy (6)

9 Put together broken trifle learner discarded (5)

10 Sight from an optical instrument cut short (9)

11 King disoriented limner in a Russian citadel (7)

12 Cut a cutter cut (7)

13 A hollow part to lady without notice in a fitting manner (5)

14 Fitful one with a gun back in car (9)

16 Gathers Ma blesses freely (9)

19 Fun in second harbour (5)

21 Resented putting a Dickens character in alternate gadi (7)

23 One has a bit of surprise in real transformation by one foreign national (7)

24 Changeless, let Mumbai manifest itself (9)

25 Small periods of time for Kerala’s leader in foreign city (5)

26 So a din is created about a beau (6)

27 American in disgrace to keep going (7)


1 Profits result when you do this with a trader (6,1,7)

2 Fifty in poison case change tone (7)

3 Completely bring together child and mate (7)

4 Important to correct lateness as one comes in (9)

5 Worries about decorations? (5)

6 Abandoning sailor takes time (7)

7 It results when a charge is made (7)

8 Phobic Tamilian leader, unwell, admits mistake (6-8)

15 It results when you don’t polish from time to time (9)

17 Quartered in Dharavi, say (7)

18 Got mean, using explosive device (7)

19 Acts niggardly with small folds (7)

20 One in a canoe drifting in South Seas region (7)

22 They result when you use the plastic (7)



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