The Hindu Crossword 9716

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Nita Jaggi


 8 Safe plan for an officer to promote debt collection (6,8)

 9 Foreigner has a queen bird (6)

10 Employing eight in front of a nagging character (8)

11 Misfortunes for a group of cabs covering the initial kilometres (8)

13 They may be the clues solved from left to right (6)

14 Hostility in the country to capture its borders (6)

16 Request the worker to hold the tap on the street (6)

19 Fish part is cut with a bit of oil in Norway (6)

21 Beat signifying the rhythm of life (4-4)

23 One in an ethnic community in Italy has a disease (8)

24 Scared to be alone in the beginning in the French capital at four (6)

26 Abandoned side favoured the sudden movement (4,2,3,5)


 1 I yell aloud that it is cold (8)

 2 Mark the location (4)

 3 This system has a point (6)

 4 Leaderless mob, severely injured out in the city on the opposite side (7)

 5 Do nothing in an administration covering the regular agendas (8)

 6 Left George in a position holding the hard, half head of the turtle (10)

 7 Finest kind of mock actions (6)

12 Scholar and a couple of learners aim to scribble in the beginning with pens (10)

15 Refers to the companies (8)

17 Gas absent in the first-rate lantern (3,5)

18 Cardamom is good in Chile for its variety (7)

20 Apes are at the Spanish borders of the eateries (6)

22 Church official has a rosary mostly for the French (6)

25 Uncommon part of an umbra region (4)



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