The Hindu Crossword 9646

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 1 Enlarging things gets magician oft in trouble (13)

 9 He offers a possible reward, the doctor around the corner (7)

10 Encouragement received when the time’s up, perhaps (7)

11 Speed is not his forte (9)

12 Receiver of new aid in Romania (5)

13 Listen to a fresh song: Birthday Suit (6)

14 A proverbially difficult place for a search (8)

17 Is heaven where he goes when the special trooper expires, say? (8)

19 Shedding tears and demanding urgent attention (6)

23 An extract of talcum indeed, it is used in cookery (5)

25 Abode for a recluse with a lot of time (9)

26 An ace find trained and considered a likely winner (7)

27 For a snob it becomes a defence (7)

28 A code term LTTE worked out for a security device (5,8)


 1 Old President, one taken in by crazy boy (7)

 2 Explosive that got Guy Fawkes plotting (9)

 3 In writing in Cyrillic it is to an extent not legal (7)

 4 Encroachment in a fashionable street (6)

 5 A detective had to hide ecstasy when finding a drug taker (4-4)

 6 In foreign trade they need one thousand openings in ship (7)

 7 A bit of money, Penny, is respected (5)

 8 Clergyman’s garment, initially considered as a hit (7)

15 One obsessed with what is physical would put a creature first (9)

16 Fresh sod, a help for a plant (8)

17 Body of water which was surely not placid in WWII (7)

18 His work involves drilling and filling inter alia (7)

20 A fresh edition concerning children (7)

21 He collects loose grain etc., after the harvest and is more skinny following end of feasting (7)

22 Fit for farming (6)

24 Half a note, musically speaking (5)



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