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The Hindu Crossword 9644

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 1 Figure an analogue with zero weight (13)

10 Helpful one who was good in NT (9)

11 Black, luxurious colour of embarrassment (5)

12 Restore note with three points (5)

13 Creature, pale boar, beginning to roar, collapses (5,4)

14 Angry response about a run in reverse (6)

16 A duke, part liberal, can improvise (2-3)

19 Disapproving look of a milk producer in the limits of survival (5)

20 In a flower they are the palest components put together (6)

25 Ill temper of a dear one you reportedly cut up (9)

26 Region in Europe with some mighty role models (5)

27 A Bengali’s energy shows judgment (5)

28 Customs man, say, gets recognition in a month (9)

29 Useless and unwanted is the pet whale in for treatment (5,8)


 2 Fossil fuel, it is found in the north-east (8)

 3 Weapon that is right in a quarrel (5)

 4 Reliefs obtained when you reportedly slept fitfully (3-3)

 5 Succeed in finding a woman, property-owner (8)

 6 You might wear it and chat with a king, have a meal (9)

 7 Charm of a university, a hindrance (6)

 8 A Shylock, certainly, in the heart of Puri (6)

 9 Talk about the right aid to navigation (5)

15 Remember to make a repeat pick up (9)

17 Ballet in which an ankle was broken (4,4)

18 Good Harris (cockney) performing for a body of soldiers (8)

21 The state of Chennai in summer (6)

22 Uncontrollable movement in spring’s beginning to matter (5)

23 Smell given out by the rawest enchilada (6)

24 Rulers in democracy (6)

26 Instruct everyone to follow time (5)



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