The Hindu Crossword 9541

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M. Manna


1 Bank employee confronted by vast sum of money sees a future (7,6)

8 Note it is the obvious choice (7)

9 Particular concerning parking in school environs (7)

11 Silk fabric worn by small number in dance one leaves at the end (6)

13 A French pair obtaining divorce? (8)

15 Arranged to lower a small spiked wheel on a spur (5)

16 Jabbers and irritates one (7)

18 Hide carefully to know about lace (7)

19 Move out of the way of the French dog (5)

21 Transportation of French servants’ uniform (8)

23 Bony cavity occupied by a worker with spirit (6)

25 “Fixing” a race, the guy will get a complaint (7)

26 Oriental or English back (7)

28 Intend to complete the whole course? (5,2,6)


2 Outward current (7)

3 It’s not to climb back a rocky height (3)

4 Life line of Egypt? (4)

5 Quite possibly all aren’t at the dance (10)

6 Girl has nothing to catch wild horses (5)

7 Grants immunity to old MP set apart (7)

8 Don’t give up vulgar way of referring to a dice (5,3,3)

10 The chaps who dig into their tucker! (11)

12 Nell turns to English to find her (5)

14 Affection that’s mean and tender by turn (10)

17 Doubtless how merchantmen left a Yemeni port (5)

18 He is at fault to rip cult out of sorts (7)

20 Stare on road, fresh water diving birds (7)

22 Six vehicle for a Bishop’s deputy (5)

24 Strength of objection (4)

27 To name is a moral offence (3)



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