The Hindu Crossword 9529

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Nita Jaggi


7 Plan an account for the dreamer (8)

9 Talk one into becoming a robber (6)

11 Moving around, the fish covers the round passage (9)

12 Study without finishing the end (5)

13 Makes milk into butter in the containers (6)

14 Labourer covers the perch end of the bird (8)

17 Destroys the shoe over a prolonged period of time (9)

22 Commences around U.P., where new business ventures are set (5,3)

23 Large moon with a retrograde orbit (6)

25 Gypsy woman has a number of connected series of links (5)

27 Showing anger, the peacekeepers deserted the worker laid off from a job (9)

28 Mischievous child has an appearance that is not perfect (6)

29 Two-part divider? (8)


1 Crosswind on the barricade of the floodgate (3,4)

2 State of a patient admitted in the ICU (7)

3 Grandma’s pickle contains some jelly (5)

4 Zambia has an endless measure of this element (4)

5 Father has to work on the German domes (7)

6 Directly under the hill to eat the top of the hamburger (7)

8 Position I want for an individual to take for the surprise attack (3,2,4)

10 Clever Edward is on the upper part of the horse’s body (7)

15 Lincoln has a Rolls Royce that can run to the east, deviating from the right way (9)

16 Introducer is always after the policeman of the company (7)

18 One supposedly sensitive to supernatural forces (7)

19 Henry has an airborne soldier taken up at the front of a palatial type-city (7)

20 First class officer comes up to the worker in a large city (7)

21 Fitting garment for one caught in the tundra is amazing (7)

24 Come in, it is the dam that burst first (5)

26 Wildcat going round the separated short fibres (4)



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