The Hindu Crossword 9493

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Nita Jaggi


1 Learn a chapter in the music school (4)

9 Greeting in business situations following the favourable lump sum compensation (6,9)

10 Indian gathering for the first person in a large city (4)

11 Gold coin for the aristocrat (5)

12 An unpleasant sound over a period of time (4)

13 Overheard of a food shop in the capital city (5)

14 Beginner of the basic course (7)

16 To supply no one in to rush in excitement (7)

18 Neckwear on a small bed (5)

22 Colour found inside a battle cruiser (4)

23 Royal male disturbed in the domain (5)

24 Members in a side (4)

25 Noted lads absurd in using rules applied unfairly (6,9)

26 Alien turns back on South Island location (4)


2 Spread energy from the sun for one in to have a wrong diet (7)

3 Soldier at home has the way with ordinary people (3,2,3,6)

4 Game bag on the side (5)

5 Painter has books for one scholar (5)

6 Public announcements to edit seven diets in a mess (14)

7 Pusher to stay very near after us (6)

8 Workers having special abilities (7)

15 Leaders on the chief examination in High School (7)

17 Kind of music to sing inside a large bar (6)

19 Not at home in the end to survive (7)

20 Unwanted material is on a part of the body, overheard (5)

21 Father and a large creature (5)



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