The Hindu Crossword 9468

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Nita Jaggi


 8 A bullet tinker had destroyed in a hopeful attempt (1,4,2,3,4)

 9 Draw back from a physician (6)

10 Not used up the surplus food? (8)

11 Charged particles left in the city of Turkey within a long time (8)

13 Disentangle the long twisted noose (6)

14 Soldiers’ behaviour needs an improvement (6)

16 Depletes energy sources within the Tundra instantly (6)

19 Cigarette end with almost one fastener (6)

21 Totally different work at the Post Office location (8)

23 Lie or go back to the sister having a scar tissue (8)

24 Salesman has an alternative Tuesday to give a detailed statement (6)

26 Handles foreign styles without being offended (2,4,8)


 1 Musician has a role taken up for an unmarried man (8)

 2 Order for the first class tea (4)

 3 Holy man is alright for a note written up on a device (6)

 4 Measure the weight of the dry surface in a nation (7)

 5 Careless to ruffle after a quiet card player (8)

 6 Thoughts of goodies lie broken (10)

 7 Told to stop moving the decorative band on the wall (6)

12 Accountant has a party on Rhode Island, specifically in restaurants (10)

15 Sound surface of a seating area (8)

17 One in artists orders a comedian (8)

18 Party on the ship that is right for a person’s record (7)

20 Formed unions at the same time (6)

22 Panama has announced an official list for the release of an inmate (6)

25 Father has a small measure taken up on the window glass (4)



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