The Hindu Crossword 9376

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Nita Jaggi


 1 Large region in Paraguay has a dovecote (8)

 5 Silver sun in medieval city (4)

 9 Tie articles like neck coolers (8)

10 Cry around the first person being an ambler (6)

12 Reported to disclose an edible plant (4)

13 Performers curious to visit lions (10)

15 General bustle of activity on the arrival before the date of departure (6,3,5)

17 Carrying out a feat (14)

21 Lasting echoes touching child with a bit cut off sound (10)

22 Brief stay in the way of work (4)

25 A cry to damn the French for money (6)

26 A bar left with the worker in charge of the ocean (8)

27 Lateral identification within bridge opponents (4)

28 Morning paper has one end almost for church surroundings (8)


 1 Player surrounding the very black gallet (6)

 2 Type of general reference (5)

 3 Shape of a cricket ground! (4)

 4 Study each day in an area (7)

 6 Fix event for a hand-to-hand combat (6,4)

 7 Clumsy maid on a ship is the one about to gain entry (9)

 8 Are there chances to win these games? (5)

11 Heartlessly good for brotherhood (4)

14 Mildest and crooked to be broken up (10)

16 Circumstances to empty small measure when one is performing at day’s end (9)

18 Dozens of a car parks (4)

19 Wrong man cuts a hideaway (7)

20 Spoken of a small spot at one direction of coined money (6)

21 Probing inside for a bird (5)

23 Starts to take in ten articles needed for Hercules (5)

24 Airline left one on an island (4)



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